Monday, December 29, 2008

Rebel Resolutions: A Debutante's Guide to the New Year

Ah, January 1st is only a few days away, and that means New Year's resolutions for many of us.

What's on your list? Let me guess....

1. Lose 10 lbs so you look better in your white gown.

Everyone knows that white makes you look fat. Why can't they let debs wear black? (Ahem, New York and Paris debs: You are SO lucky. You get to wear couture instead of cream puff.)

2. Practice your penmanship because who knows how many handwritten thank you notes are in your future.

BTW girls, there is NO END IN SIGHT of handwritten thank yous. You have 2 options: hire a calligraphist if you're loaded or suck it up and get a pen and custom stationery you love. Hint for those on the MRS track: only get your first name so that your monogram won't be obsolete as soon as you get knocked up. (see number 3.)

Which reminds me of a great joke.

Q. Why don't Southern belles attend orgies?

A: Because there are too many thank you notes to write!

and now back to those Resolutions...

3. Get the ring. At. All. Costs. BEFORE. Graduation.

4. Lose 10 lbs.

There you have it ladies, all you need to make 2009 the best year EVER!

Stay tuned for more on the New Year themed and how to throw a rocking party.

Rebel Deb

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