Friday, December 12, 2008

Gifts For Your Guy: Make the Man in Your Life Feel Loved

1. Magnetic Grill Light
No ladies, this is not a miracle hair dryer, but it does mean your man might make you dinner more often! Grilling enthusiasts will be able to flip burgers long after sundown with this magnetic grill light, which attaches to grilling tools — he'll never mistake medium-rare for well-done again. ($25)

2. Remote Control Helicopter

Boys will be boys, and this remote-control helicopter will give your man hours of high-flying entertainment. ($19.99)

3. Braun Series 1
This shaver is the key to keep shaving simple and effortless for an irresistibly smooth face, which is a huge bonus if you're like me and have sensitive skin. No more tell-tale signs that you've been sucking face all night long. That's so middle school. Series 1 is washable and has an attractive new ergonomic design. (Starting at $39.99)

4. Ear-Warming Headphones
Help your honey stay hot! These clever ear warmers have a pair of mini speakers, so he can listen to his music and keep his ears warm at the same time. For warmth without the sound, just remove the detachable cord. ($34.95)

5. 12-in-1 Emergency Companion
Not that he ever finds himself in an emergency — but just in case — this device is equipped with 12 features like a LED flashlight, flashers, radio, panic button, compass. Gadget geeks will love it, but it does not guarantee that he'll stop to ask for directions! ($19.99)

If tech toys are not your bag, then you can always hand knit him a scarf. Remember: it's the thought that counts!


Rebel Deb

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