Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Calling All Rebel Debs!

Got something betch about? Rant about? Rave about? Got a favorite fellow Rebel Deb you wanna call out?

Well, now's your chance!

I'm taking submissions for my new, revamped website -- www.RebelDeb.com -- featuring submissions from all of YOU.

It's simple...

Just send your rants, raves and betches to Anna@RebelDeb.com and I'll pick the best to post on the NEW site.

All you need is a snarky/sexy/cool attitude and a Rebel Deb name and you're in the running for a featured spot.

So give it a shot! You got nothin' ta lose.

In the meantime, betches... stay Rebel. Stay Deb. Either way, stay true to yourself.

Rebel Deb

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