Monday, December 1, 2008

Commando Barbie Kicks Malibu Barbie’s Ass! A Rebel Deb’s Panty Raid.

How to Avoid Common Fashion Mistakes...

Panty Lines:

Embrace the thong:

... or in the alternative, her sister and partner in banishing pantylines, the boyshort:

I know that some of you "old school" bikini gals haven’t made the leap to the 21st century, but you need to get on board and learn to love the thong and/or boyshort.

There is nothing worse then panty lines...and trust me, if you wear bikini style undies, you’ve got panty lines (maybe you can’t see them when you stand perfectly still, suck in your stomach and turn your head toward the mirror behind you…but trust me, when you walk they are THERE)!

Finding a pair of thongs that your bum doesn’t reject as altogether uncomfortable can be tricky.

Some recommendations:

Hanky Panky Wrapped Lace Thongs, which are also available in a low-rise style that is perfect for the 7.5" and low rise jeans.

The Her Look Enterprises Commando Thongs are a miracle in a box!

They are as comfy as they are invisible, the best panties yet for wearing under all the slinky silk jersey and fine knits.

Bad Rack:

I hate to be crude, but the other thing that ruins an outfit STAT is the “bad rack”…a phrased coined from my beer drinking, football watching counter-part...MEN.

I can’t deny that some of my cohorts out there are walking around oblivious to the “bad rack” issue.

The truth is, you need to make sure that the "girls" are all harnessed.

If you are busty, don’t let them hang way out to the side (find a bra that brings them in and up). If you are droopy, find a bra that gives you shape and elevates.

We aren’t talking an issue of big or small here ladies, we are talking about maintenance of what you have. The other issue concerning the boobage area…bras that dig into your back fat (sure sign that you are wearing the wrong size bra.) As unpleasant as it sounds, we all have a little of it (even twiggy over there in a size 0).

Long story short:

If you any have bra lines, get fitted for a better bra. If you STILL have bra lines you need to wear a layering cami to camouflage it!!

Rebel Deb

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