Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Countdown to '09! (in the meantime, here's the best and worst of 2008)

Well, it’s that time of year again, the end of the year. This means different things to everyone: The end of an era, the beginning of something new. I’m here to bring you what I deem the Best and Worst of 2008.


1. Barack Obama’s presidential win.

Democrats can now rejoice as the era of Bush comes to a close and the beginning of a new hope emerges as Obama takes office in early 2009. Finally, change we can believe in!

2. Lil Wayne lives up to his self proclaimed “best rapper alive” status

After much delay, the sensation known as Tha Carter III hit everyone with its alien synthesizers and undeniable beat. The album shows an array of artist collaborations and variations of tempo.

3. Gas prices hitting 5 year low

During the summer of 2008 gas reached over $4 in states across the United States. Flash forward 6 months and prices have plummeted, where some states are enjoying gas for under $2. Hopefully this trend will carry on into 2009.

4. Jenny Lewis’ sophomore indie rock album “Acid Tongue”

Jenny Lewis, former child star and current lead singer for indie rock band “Rilo Kiley,” created her 2nd solo album, Acid Tongue. Country riffs and Jenny’s ethereal voice, this album truly defines Lewis as a strong solo artist and defines her amongst the hipster elites.


1. Teenage girls in Massachusetts sign a pregnancy pact

Since when is being a teenage mother an aspired ideal by girls? Apparently at Gloucester High School 17 girls made a “pregnancy pact” to become pregnant and raise their children together. None of the girls are over 16 and a 24-year-old homeless man impregnated one of the girls.

2. MTV

From the continued unbelievable drama occurring on “The Hills” to the ending of the MTV’s only show about music, TRL, the once-influential channel is now going down the tube. From unrealistic “reality” shows to, well, more terrible reality shows, the channel needs to rethink their plans for the future.

3. The Economy

From bailouts to job loss, the economy has been in an unfortunate downward spiral. Although economists didn’t want to use the “R” word at the beginning of the year, it sure seems like things aren’t going so well. Hopefully things will bounce back up during 2009.

4. Sienna Miller

While the blonde beauty hit a peak both with her career as an actor and as a style icon back in 2006, 2008 just wasn’t the same. Caught cheating with a married man, Miller has a lot of things to think about in 2009, like why she’s becoming similar to her ex Jude Law.


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