Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Brief Anthology of Southern Sayings to Satisfy Your Deep-Fried Cravings!

Holler like a stuck pig. (someone’s mislead you)

I do declare. (…usually means nothing)

In high cotton. (rising up in society)

In a coon's age. (been a long time)

Like a bump on a log. (lazy and doing nothing)

Like two peas in a pod. (act and think alike)

Mend fences. (settle differences)

Scarce as hen's teeth. (no such thing)

Sight for sore eyes. (looks good to me!)

Stomping grounds. (familiar territory)

Sun don't shine on the same dog's tail all the time. (you'll get what you deserve)

That takes the cake. (surprised)

Too big for one's britches. (someone’s taking himself too seriously)

Two shakes of a sheep's tail. (done quickly)

Well, shut my mouth. (shocked and speechless)


Rebel Deb

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