Friday, December 5, 2008

Gifting Your Guy: A Rebel Deb’s Guide to Boyfriend-Shopping.

Every Christmas, one of my girlfriend’s inevitably has a new boyfriend.

And every Christmas, she asks the same question: What’s the “right” kind of gift for my new guy?

…Well, that all depends, ladies. First, there’s his style, his attitude, his likes and dislikes…but most importantly…

How long you two have been together.

To make this simple, here’s a timeline for gift-giving your beau (new or old) during this holiday season:

1 – 6 months:

You’re still in that honeymoon stage, so keep it fun, light and most of all – SEXY. Maybe a new cologne, if he’s into tasty smells. Or a new copy of his favorite movie or album to show you’ve done your girlfriend homework. You get extra credit for the personal touches: Gifts for his prized pup, bird, cat, car, etc.

7 months – 1 year:

Okay, so you’re moving into comfy, cozy land… and maybe considering moving in together, too. You’re getting more serious, and so should your gift-giving. It’s time for a bit more investment, both thought and pocketbook-wise. What catches his eye in a store window? What does he whine about when he thinks you’re not listening? What does he keep saying he’s “saving” for, yet never seems to splurge on? Whatever it is, it’s time. To splurge, that is. Especially when you two hit that one-year mark, if you’re ready to make it a year and a day, then get ready to fork over the cash for that new watch or X-Box 360 or whatever it is that symbolizes – to both of you – that you’re in it for year two…

Which brings us to the biggie:

1 year +:

As my Mr. Man once said, “A year is so special because it means you’re in the market for many more.”

And that, ladies, means your gift needs to mature along with your relationship. At this point, it’s less of a “splurge” and more of an investment in the two of you. So, buying something like that new lay-z-boy he’s been eyeing or a 42” 1080p flatscreen isn’t out of the question. In fact, showing how much you care might even prompt him to pop another one, if you know what I mean…=]

Rebel Deb

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