Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's go shopping! (the Rebel Deb way, of course!)

Howdy, betches.

Dahlings, you are cordially invited to visit us at the Rebel Deb shop!

I've had so many requests for these Rebel Debutante t-shirts that we're going to make them available to all you Rebel Debs out there!

We'll be adding new styles and colors over the next few months, and if you have a custom request, just let me know.

Rebel Debs always aim to please. ;)

Here are two Rebel Debs- Dana and Melissa- showing off two new styles!


Rebel Deb

Monday, January 26, 2009

Celeb Rebel Deb of the Week!

As we enter the exciting, emotional, unpredictable and always fabulous award show season, Celeb Rebel Debs always steal the show!

From the red carpet to the main stage, they seem to have an extra spotlight always on them.

And last night at the 15th Annual Screen Actor Guild Awards, there was no question who stole the show. (BTW, yours truly has a SAG card. I highly recommend them.)

Out of all the nominees (quite the bunch of Rebel Debs If I do say so myself), Kate Winslet was the frontrunner for her incredible performance in Revolutionary Road, but it was the one and only MERYL STREEP who took home the Best Actress award for her role in Doubt.

(Another btw for you celeb hounds out there-- the party pix in December's blog were from a party at the house of John Shanley. He wrote and directed Doubt. Can we say A list?! Meryl, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Judy Reyes (she's Carla on Scrubs AND tried to take a body shot with my boyf) were all there with us to celebrate Christmas with champagne and plenty of bacon-wrapped meatloaf. It was like a Southern party without the moonshine and real celebrities instead of local ones like Davie the owner of Davie's Girly Carwash.)

Anyway, back to Meryl-- the real star of today's blog!

She was genuinely suprised when Ralph Fiennes named her best actress. Her excitement and subsequent speech were truly heartfelt.

Once she was finished running through the crowd high-fiving her fellow actors, she made it to the stage, giggled like a school girl at her win, and said,

“I didn’t even buy a dress!”

SO bad ass. Meryl Streep is a consummate Rebel Deb. She won the SAG award (generally more highly prized among actors because the honor is bestowed by their peers), didn't even expect it (even though she's one of the best living actresses), AND did it all wearing pants! Oh yeah, and she smooched Ralph Fiennes. Way to go Meryl!


Rebel Deb

Friday, January 23, 2009

"The Reality of Getting Canceled... TV Shows that Bit the Dust!"

So by now you girls probably know that I'm a TV writer-- day time TV is my bread and butter (yeah, that means soap operas).

Basically, I get an outline of the action and then write the dialog. It's up to me to explain how Brandon is in bed with Tina at the beginning of an episode and by the end she's throwing him off a cliff.

Fascinating stuff.

I'm starting to work on prime time shows that you know you watch (I just can't tell you which ones yet). When the ratings start to suck, they hire the big guns (that's me!) to see if we can work magic in the writers' room.

Speaking of writers' rooms, they're pretty much full of old men who make dirty jokes. I guess that makes them dirty old men.

They get paid a lot to edit their raunchiness down to FCC standards, and that boys and girls is how they create your fave TV shows! Reality TV, however, is a different story. Fairly inexpensive to produce, every network thinks it might have a cash cow success like American Idol on its hands.

And, being the TV aficionado that I am, I must admit: I HEART REALITY TV. (Please don't judge me.)

Come on, admit you watch Rock of Love, people.

Anyway, here's a recap of some of the bombs on TV of late. Suddenly Simon is looking good!

Though long-running hits like Fox's "American Idol," which returns for its eighth season, continue to dominate the Nielsen charts, the rest of reality TV has failed to produce a similar-sized success in years (check out the reality TV airing this Winter).

From mom and daughter beauty pageants to celebrities displaying off-the-wall talents some of these reality disasters couldn't capture much of an audience at all.

Here's a look at some recent reality losers:

"Opportunity Knocks"

Network: ABC. Average Audience: 5.9 million viewers.

The Ashton Kutcher-produced game show based on trivia about your family set right in your own backyard. The family-friendly ABC show hosted by J.D. Roth failed to lure big viewership. Knocks was yanked after just three episodes.

"Secret Talents of the Stars"

Network: CBS. Average Audience: 4.6 million.

The short-lived competition show featured an array of stars and their hidden skills. Think Olympic figure skater Sasha Cohen performing with a Chinese acrobat troupe. The series achieved a rare feat: It was canceled the day after it premiered.

"High School Musical: Get in the Picture"

Network: ABC. Average Audience: 2.7 million.

Despite a hit film franchise, strong branding and relentless promotion, the televised talent hunt was more Grease than American Idol. It failed to score the buzz of its predecessor. Instead, the Zanessa-free summertime series hosted by Nick Lachey limped along in the ratings.

"Celebrity Circus"

Network: NBC. Average Audience: 5.5 million

Though the Australian import lasted far longer than rival CBS' Secret Talents of the Stars, which was yanked after just one episode, the critically panned NBC series hosted by former 'NSYNC member Joey Fatone wasn't the breakout the network hoped it would be. No wonder. Among the star talent: The Brady Bunch's Christopher Knight, soap opera star Antonio Sabato, Jr. and Olympic swimmer Janet Evans.

"Greatest American Dog"

Network: CBSAverage. Audience: 6 million

Despite high hopes and heavy promotion, the summertime talent competition--this one was American Idol meets Big Brother, with canines--lacked the bite it needed. In the end, the show's cliché formula--fighting contestants and communal living--proved a turn-off for viewers.

"Crowned: The Mother of all Pageants"

Network: CW. Average Audience: 1.7 million

The mother-daughter beauty pageant competition series was hardly the lift the ratings-challenged network needed. Among other things, the show's three judges--Queer Eye's Carson Kressley, Miss USA 1995 Shanna Moakler and TV personality Cynthia Garrett--lacked the chemistry of Idol's famed trio Randy, Simon and Paula. The result: Unlike the CW's other buzz-worthy shows, Gossip Girl and 90210, Crowned was virtually ignored.

"My Dad is Better than Your Dad"

Network: NBC. Average Audience: 6.1 million

The American Gladiators meets Double Dare strike-time series featured fathers and sons battling out in a series of stunts and trivia. The show, which premiered in February, failed to score big buzz or viewers.

The Rebel Deb moral of the story?

If you have a decent idea for a reality TV show, PITCH IT! It's bound to be better than the crap the networks are producing.

Now's your chance to be a star!!!


Rebel Deb

Monday, January 19, 2009

Celeb Rebel Debs (Take One)

As we all know, most of us have a lil' bit o Rebel and a lil bit o Deb. Some of us, of course, tend towards the REBEL side a bit more....

But as card-carrying Rebel Debs, we know a thing or two about living in between those two extremes.

Walkin' the line.

Embracing the contradictions inherent in being both Rebel and Deb.

Unfortunately, though, we don't often have living, breathing examples of how to balance that dichotomy. Fortunately, we DO have an active culture of celebrity worship that gives unfamous Rebel Debs the world over stunning examples of how to act (and not to act) as modern day Rebel Debutantes.

So today marks the inaugural (heehee) edition of Celeb Rebel Debs!

Each and every Monday, I'll highlight a Celeb Rebel Deb- someone who embodies what it means to be a modern woman. She may not be Southern, but she's all about being a Rebel Deb.

So….*drumroll please*…

who could have possibly secured the top spot as this week's Celeb Rebel Deb?

Mrs. Scarlett Jo of course!

As the face of Dolce & Gabbana’s new make-up line, this fantastically delicious diva is channeling Marilyn for a sweet and sexy image that straddles the line.

(image courtesy of

With her big, blond curls, and perfect red pout, Mrs. Johansson (or should I say Reynolds?) looks quite the Deb in the first image released from the upcoming campaign. But her expression gives her away-- we can only guess what she's got on her mind. Rest assured it's something naughty!

So for those of you who love celebrity news that might make you think, be sure to check back each Monday to see which Celeb Rebel Deb made us turn our head and say “Oh My”!

Rebel Deb

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Second "Debut" at La MaMa!

Howdy, y'all!

I'm so glad that so many of you made it out to the show on Tuesday night. For those who didn't here are some pix just to give you an idear.

See Mama, don't I look purty?!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ten Things You Never Knew About the Rebel Deb!

1) I loooooove sunscreen. I buy sunscreen every time I go to any drugstore. It's almost compulsive. And it really doesn't matter if I actually NEED any or I'm literally OUT of sunscreen -- I have to try the newest stuff the MINUTE it hits the shelves. Oh, and the higher the SPF, the better.

2) Minus the baldness, I think Tom Cruise looked better in "Tropic Thunder" -- you know, the scenes where he wore a "fat suit" that gave him bigger shoulders and a rounder, meatier butt... you know the ones I mean? -- than he does in real life. Don't shoot me!

3) I obsess over my wrinkles. Especially around my eyes and mouth -- my "laugh" lines make me want to CRY.

4) I'm a chocoholic. And I love desserts featuring chocolate with raspberry/any kind of fruit flavoring. I HATE desserts that ignore my need for chocolate (translation: Creme brulee, you can suck it.)

5) I love Reality TV. I can't help it. After a long day of Rebelling and Debbing, I crave mindless entertainment. My FAVES include "Rock of Love Tour Bus," "The Real Housewives of Orange County," "Top Chef"... and pretty much everything on Bravo Network. Again, don't shoot me!

6) I own over sixty pairs of shoes. (I love red stilettos the most!)

7) I love big shiny earrings. (translation: I like it when my whole head sparkles!)

8) I have ZERO tolerance for alcohol. I've literally gotten drunk off a half-glass of wine. Seriously. And I can only drink white German Riesling. And only a tiny sip at a time because I can't stand the taste of alcohol. Yuck!

9) I'm super duper mothering, towards my friends, my colleagues... even my editors! I can't help it. I want to take care of everyone I know and like. I want to wrap them up in a gossamer blanket of Southern warmth!

10) My family's nicknames for me are wide and varied. They include: Wide-Mouthed Frog, Moonpie Face, Trouble, Anna Mae Troublefield, Stinker, Chicken-Licken, Shug, Sugar, Stinky P, Miss Anna Lee and my favorite.... Man-Catcher.


Rebel Deb

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Come See the Rebel Deb TONIGHT in NYC!

That's right-- tonight's the night!

Confessions of a Rebel Debutante

8pm at La MaMa ETC 74A East 4th St
Tickets $8

- excerpts from the one woman show written and performed by Anna Fields with special guest singer/songwriter (and Nashville deb) Kelleigh Bannen

AnnaBelle will be back on stage in all her insecure glory along with characters like the Headmistress from Hell, snotty field hockey players and the "is she or isn't she" roommate, Leigh.

Don't miss it!


Rebel Deb

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stop Stalking Me! The Blackberry Needs Her Space.

Dear Beloved User,

We need to talk.

Shall I be brutally honest?

You're becoming a bit of a stalker.

Have you noticed? You MUST have. Our relationship was once strong and healthy. You took care of me. We had boundaries. You cut me off at night and we each had healthy "alone" time. You bought me romantic coverlets and showered me with downloads. You treated me gently -- stroking my keys, placing me down carefully to rest your hands from holding my slender body...

But now?

Now, I can't keep your hands off me. And your key-punching, once tender, tentative and loving, has now turned to outright punching as you type away whatever meaningless work-related message you send to into cyberspace. Even your friends have noticed how you've let my coverlets wear thin -- they barely cover my spacebar anymore! Is it your intention to humiliate me?

Also, whatever happened to "me" time? A girl needs her beauty rest. Even in the bedroom, you never pay any attention whatsoever to my needs. You ignore my "off" button altogether, and keep punching away at my keys for your own selfish satisfaction. All. Night. Long. When am I supposed to find release??

The days have become even worse. What was once a momentary lust for conversation has become a constant need for interaction. Bursts of laughter and camaraderie once filled the air around me. But now your co-dependence has left you addicted to my kindness and you can’t live without my constant glowing screen and the comforting sound of my keys clacking away as you talk to your friends (yet fail to be around them... you simply talk to them through me!).

One minute, I'm the source of your addiction, then next I’m being thrown about, tossed to the passenger seat of your car like you haven’t a care in the world. The coverlet you once enclosed me in that kept me warm and protected me from the rigors of the outside world has worn thin with use and disgusting hand sweat. Now, I’m exposed, naked, for the entire world to see. How did we end up like this?

I’m through with this abuse. I feel completely used and disrespected by your bi-polar attitude!

Half the time I feel stalked, constantly watched as I sit on the floor of your room or in a corner being charged, preparing to receive more abuse. The other half, I'm ignored or thrown to the back of your life, my "off" button ignored completely while you satisfy your own needs and exhaust my battery.

The more I think about it... I feel I need time apart.

Please don’t text your friends or set up appointments on my calendar. Better yet, stop honing your brick breaker skills and go recover those friendships you’ve let go to the wayside due to your overuse of me. It’ll be beneficial to both your health and mine. I only hope that one day our relationship can flourish again.


Your BlackBerry.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The January Gym Jam-- How to Make the Most of It

It's January. And you know what that means-- all the fat asses who haven't worked out for the past 10 months are back at: hogging the elliptical and packing the yoga classes (how can you relax when someone is breathing down your neck?).

SO, what's a Rebel Deb to do?

Well, you could claim your own space by being the gassy girl, but I don't really recommend that.

Instead, take advantage of the packed gym with these top tips:

1. Wear less clothing. When have you ever seen so many men in a Pilates class? If you haven't had a date in a while, the gym in January is the place to be.

And now for a little detour-- I LOVE that you will find women in ratty frat t-shirts and sweats with exquisite hair, perfect makeup, nary a sweat droplet, and big ol' diamonds at the gym. Year-round. And especially in places like Alabama and Tennessee. God bless the South.

ok, my only other tip for this time of year is this:

2. Go outside! If you live in Charleston or points south, you might be able to hike, bike, surf, jog and/or play tennis without crazy amounts of layers. This is certainly one of the BIGGEST plusses about living below the Mason-Dixon.

We know that exercise is good for you- for your heart and your blood pressure and your cholesterol and your mood, and it keeps you fit from the inside out. So even if the gym is slammed, I hope you keep your fitness kick going all year long!


Rebel Deb

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why Germ Relationships Go Bad... a Love Letter

Dear One,

It has become painfully clear that our brief but sweet 27-year-long relationship may be coming to an end.

No -- don't say it -- you don't have to!

I know I was too clingy when we first met. You were exhausted and pale after the Lallapalooza concert. I was just a shy young thing waiting in your bloodstreams, hanging on your every lymph node.

I know in those early days I was too infatuated. I stuck to your red blood cells like an insecure, trembling puppy.

I admit my faults: suspecting you of cheating with that floozy influenza and her whorish step-sister, strep throat... even the likes of slutty typhoid and her butter-faced friend, HPV.

I know, my love. I know I have been the one to blame for our tortured love.

But PLEASE. For the love of all that is bright and beautiful in this owe it to me and to yourself to at least TRY to make our relationship work!

After all, you've had a hand in our demise...

Don't give me that look! I've heard about your late nights at the coffee shop, listening to your IPOD and facebooking with friends instead of sharing drinks and tonguing your latest crush. Our friends Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and cytomegalovirus (CMV) have told me everything. They've even described your late-night hand-washing, ridding yourself of my viruses, my cold sores and chickenpox... even my very scent on your skin from our love-making... all so that your mistress, Curell, won't have to work nearly as hard to sanitize you for her own lustful enjoyment...

You can't deny it!


Because I know all, my love. And I forgive you.


And if you can't find it in your heart to physically interract with others as opposed to blogging all day long... if you no longer love me enough to fan the flames of our life-long passion... then know this: It will INDEED be life-long.

That's right, lover.

After you're infected, I'm with you for life. But don't worry -- I won't call or stop by or cause any additional symptoms.

Still, if every now and then you feel a tuggling at your cold, black heartstrings... a longing for what we've lost... if you start to produce viral particles in your saliva that can transmit the virus to other people, even though you feel perfectly fine... just remember:

I'm free now, too.

Free to date and dream and infect the man of my dreams. Free to spred throughout him until I've grown into my own and he's perished in a coughing fit on his bathroom floor...

Ah, l'amor.

I will miss it so!


Your Mononucleosis

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Come to my next performance! Tuesday Jan 13 in NYC

That's right folks, I'm at it again! Here's the scoop -- invite all your friends!


Tuesday, January 13, 2008 at 8:00pm $8

-- a reading of excerpts from the novel by Anna Fields –-
Featuring Singer/Songwriter Kelleigh Bannen

Anna Fields returns to LaMama Etc with excerpts from her show and upcoming memoir, “Confessions of a Rebel Debutante,” combined with music from Southern belle singer/songwriter, Kelleigh Bannen.

“Confessions” is a firsthand look at the world of Southern Debutantes through the eyes of AnnaBelle, a former Belle of the Ball, who rejects her elitist culture and is dubbed a "Rebel Deb." Nashville Debutante and singer/songwriter Kelleigh Bannen provides the perfect foil to AnnaBelle's Southern shenanigans with her soulful voice and stylistically eclectic music. Together they create a sweet-and-sour portrait of the grand 'ole South, pitted against a 21st century reality.


Rebel Deb

Monday, January 5, 2009

How Do Rebel Debs Get Organized?

One of the top New Year’s resolutions is to “get organized.” Pretty specific, huh?

Like, clean all the Bojangles bags out of the back of your Camaro, figure out a better filing system for your Steely Dan ticket stubs or perhaps chronicle your all-time best hookups?

Oops, sorry. That’s for the blog “How do Rednecks get organized?!”

Ok, so Rebel Debs.

Most Rebel Debs are probably high achievers -- you know they type: Girls who Get Things Done. You’re career women, students, moms and daughters who remember birthdays, write stunning proposals and papers, chair the charity ball committee and still look damn good on the tennis court or in the roller derby.

Still, nearly every Rebel Deb has a drawer. Or a closet. Or perhaps in the case of a close (and highly successful) friend, an ENTIRE HOUSE that needs organizing.

What’s a fun loving Rebel Deb to do? (Without spending Saturday night at home going through back issues of Ms.?)

Call in the experts!

If your boyfriend or best friend can’t come over unless you put in a good day’s work, then it’s time to call in the pros, ladies. I’m a huge fan of cheating (not that kind!!!) and professional organizers can help you fake the clean skills.

Take Kacy Paide—this girl’s entire job is to help creative people clean their offices. Check out her website, subscribe to her uplifting and informational newsletter, and soon your floors will shine like the top of the Chrysler building.

If letting other people literally see your dirty laundry is not your idea of fun, then try this:

Pretend you are rock star cleaning your house.

I'm serious! Break out the leopard boots and pleather tube top from your sratastic college days. Blare your favorite music (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun perhaps) and dance around with the feather duster. It might not get you out of doing the dirty job, but at least you'll have fun while you're at it.

And who knows? Maybe it will save you from scary rat incidents!


A very clean Rebel Deb

Friday, January 2, 2009

Don't Move in with the Rats!

So, as of this morning, I’ve realized that I basically live in a slum.

My apartment in the East Village of Manhattan. This is supposed to be a good neighborhood. I see new buildings and parks being built every day, folks...

I wonder if the rats have found those, too.

Let’s back up a bit…

I’ve been sick as a dog for three days now. On New Year’s Eve, I was feeling a bit better (mostly due to TheraFlu), so Mr. Manning and I went out for a champagne toast at the bar just downstairs. We had a great time, but by the time we got home, both of us were feeling awful. Mr. Manning picked up a stomach bug somewhere and was puking all night. I was congested and achy and all sorts of gross. You’d think it couldn’t get any worse…

And then we wake up this morning to find a dead MOUSE in our living room!

Oh, yes, people: a MOUSE. A long, slimy New York City mouse.

About an hour or so later, I find myself handing the thing (wrapped in a ziplog bag) to my landlord. When he starts laughing and responds with “Well, this isn’t Park Avenue, what do you expect?” …

I. Go. OFF.

I pulled out my inner prosecutor and tore the dude to SHREDS.

I don’t think even Tom Cruise from “A few Good Men” could’ve handed Jack Nicholson his own ass better than I did my landlord.

Long story short – I think I gave him an altogether new view of Southern women, which I’m very proud to say might’ve dispelled some “weak Southern Belle” stereotypes this guy had in his head.

One Rebel Deb, zero slumlord.

Rebel Deb