Monday, January 26, 2009

Celeb Rebel Deb of the Week!

As we enter the exciting, emotional, unpredictable and always fabulous award show season, Celeb Rebel Debs always steal the show!

From the red carpet to the main stage, they seem to have an extra spotlight always on them.

And last night at the 15th Annual Screen Actor Guild Awards, there was no question who stole the show. (BTW, yours truly has a SAG card. I highly recommend them.)

Out of all the nominees (quite the bunch of Rebel Debs If I do say so myself), Kate Winslet was the frontrunner for her incredible performance in Revolutionary Road, but it was the one and only MERYL STREEP who took home the Best Actress award for her role in Doubt.

(Another btw for you celeb hounds out there-- the party pix in December's blog were from a party at the house of John Shanley. He wrote and directed Doubt. Can we say A list?! Meryl, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Judy Reyes (she's Carla on Scrubs AND tried to take a body shot with my boyf) were all there with us to celebrate Christmas with champagne and plenty of bacon-wrapped meatloaf. It was like a Southern party without the moonshine and real celebrities instead of local ones like Davie the owner of Davie's Girly Carwash.)

Anyway, back to Meryl-- the real star of today's blog!

She was genuinely suprised when Ralph Fiennes named her best actress. Her excitement and subsequent speech were truly heartfelt.

Once she was finished running through the crowd high-fiving her fellow actors, she made it to the stage, giggled like a school girl at her win, and said,

“I didn’t even buy a dress!”

SO bad ass. Meryl Streep is a consummate Rebel Deb. She won the SAG award (generally more highly prized among actors because the honor is bestowed by their peers), didn't even expect it (even though she's one of the best living actresses), AND did it all wearing pants! Oh yeah, and she smooched Ralph Fiennes. Way to go Meryl!


Rebel Deb

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