Thursday, January 8, 2009

The January Gym Jam-- How to Make the Most of It

It's January. And you know what that means-- all the fat asses who haven't worked out for the past 10 months are back at: hogging the elliptical and packing the yoga classes (how can you relax when someone is breathing down your neck?).

SO, what's a Rebel Deb to do?

Well, you could claim your own space by being the gassy girl, but I don't really recommend that.

Instead, take advantage of the packed gym with these top tips:

1. Wear less clothing. When have you ever seen so many men in a Pilates class? If you haven't had a date in a while, the gym in January is the place to be.

And now for a little detour-- I LOVE that you will find women in ratty frat t-shirts and sweats with exquisite hair, perfect makeup, nary a sweat droplet, and big ol' diamonds at the gym. Year-round. And especially in places like Alabama and Tennessee. God bless the South.

ok, my only other tip for this time of year is this:

2. Go outside! If you live in Charleston or points south, you might be able to hike, bike, surf, jog and/or play tennis without crazy amounts of layers. This is certainly one of the BIGGEST plusses about living below the Mason-Dixon.

We know that exercise is good for you- for your heart and your blood pressure and your cholesterol and your mood, and it keeps you fit from the inside out. So even if the gym is slammed, I hope you keep your fitness kick going all year long!


Rebel Deb

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