Saturday, December 27, 2008

Chillax, People! The Economy Will Bounce Back! A Rant by Rebel Deb Monika

Recession times have been hard on everybody, teens included. Many students have been experiencing the hard times in a wide spectrum of ways, from being denied minimum wage jobs to seeing parents fired from their jobs of 20+ years. It's all happened.

So what is a kid to do? How are you supposed to react when your parent comes back home and breaks the news of their lay off? Here are a few tips.

1. Be supportive.

I know it’s not the greatest seeing your parents upset about their job loss or trying to muster up the courage to look for a job and get denied. But you MUST be supportive to all your friends and family. Without your support, they'll just feel even worse. Taking time out of your schedule to sit down and have lunch with your parents, or volunteering in your community give a sad situation have a sweet note.

2. Be creative.

With hard times and money not flowing as strong as before, it’s time to reach within and use the skills you learned in 3rd grade art class- be creative. Whether or not we are in a bad economic situation, recycling is always a must. Reusing items also minimizes impact and saves money. Shopping vintage also is a fun quirky way to renew your wardrobe yet save extra cash. Also, it’s always fun to go out and search for treasures with a friend.

3. Be cool.

Never get too worried about what’s happening in the economy. Anxiety can set in during times like this, so just take a step back, breathe, and just remind yourself that dips in the economy happen to every generation. Things will settle down and life will go on!.


Rebel Deb Monika

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