Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Rebel or Deb, You’re Never Exempt From These Fashion Rules!

Fashion Overkill: I often see over-zealous fashionistas who get on board with a “look” and then run it into the ground, beat it with a heavy stick, and essentially ruin it.

Example, you like animal print, it is all the rage, so you wear head to toe leopard.

Bad, very bad.

Fashion is a fabulous thing, in moderation. Take a look of the season…whether it is leather, leopard, vintage, or plaid, and make it the ACCENT of your outfit, but not the ENTIRE outfit!

Age Appropriate Attire: I’m not advocating that you dress stuffy or grandma-esque just because you’re over 25, or 35, or 45, BUT please ladies, NO ONE needs to dress like they are part of Brittany Spear’s entourage.

Even if your little sister says it looks cool, don't believe her: It doesn’t.

Tasteful is the key to any fashion outfit.

For teens, fashion dictates what they are whether it looks good or not. Thankfully, as I get older I get wiser, I realize what looks good on me isn’t necessarily just what teenagers are strutting around in (i.e.: extreme low-rise jeans just aren’t for everyone)...

As you get into your twenty-to-thirty-something years, ladies, sophisticated should replace cute; subtly sexy should replace skimpy.

Invest In Shoes: Nothing ruins an otherwise fabulous outfit like a bad pair of shoes.

You can’t get away with cheap looking shoes, so buck up and buy a couple of pair of really expensive, and fabulous shoes.

If you have a sea of cheap shoes piled in the bottom of your closet that include anything that isn’t real leather, has huge clunky heels, or was purchased before 1990---THROW THEM OUT immediately!

You need 5 pairs of shoes (I'd prefer 50, but that is indulgent so I'll insist on a minimum of 5 really superb shoes):

1. high boots

2. low boots

3. flats

4. kitten heels

5. a pair of cute tennis shoes.

Plumber’s Crack: I can’t understand how this happens really…..don’t you gals feel the wind on your cheeks? But, sadly it does in fact happen all too often.

Those low rise jeans and pants are leaving you exposed when you sit down.

Ladies, here is the deal, do a test sit the very first day you bring home those new jeans or pants. Try them on with tops that hit at your natural waist, try them on with tops that hit just above your natural waist and see your level of exposure and then dress accordingly.

Do not get caught butt naked (literally) at Starbucks and then fiddle with your shirt trying to gain a square inch of coverage became you look silly AND every guy that walks in is trying to sneak a peak at the goodies.

Lowrise Isn't For Everyone: It is a common mistake, jumping on the "latest" and greatest trend and holding on for dear life.

Lowrise jeans have become the "norm" now and it is hard to find a pair of jeans that hit anywhere in the vicinity of your belly button.


The problems that can arise: if you have short legs, they look shorter. If you have a wide hip/butt area, the jeans may cut right across your widest place and make it look narrow and wide. If you have a lot of mid-section "junk" it can ooze over the top of low-rise jeans and cause unsightly bulges under your favorite fitted shirt.

I love my low-rise jeans, don't get me wrong....but my word of caution is to find the "right rise for your body" vs. making the assumption that everyone actually looks better in low-rise!

Rebel Deb

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