Sunday, December 21, 2008

Alternatives to Shoe-Throwing: A Rebel Deb’s Thoughts on Settling International Disputes.

As alternatives to shoe-throwing, the UN has recently released their newest list of acceptable methods for settling international disputes.

In light of WWII's Geneva Convention, civilized nations who wish to resolve issues while avoiding damage to both foreign relations and expensive footwear may engage in the following:

1) Macaroni necklace-making

2) Hot-Dog Eating Contests

3) ABBA dance-offs

4) "Rachel Zoe Project" Drinking Games -- how many times does Rachel Zoe say "shut it down?"

5) Lemonade Stand-offs (no country may charge more than $.10 per cup)

6) Bake Sale-offs (walnuts not allowed in the brownies - Japan is allergic to them!) be continued...

Rebel Deb


Monika? said...

"Rachel Zoe Project drinking games"

Annabunnie said...

I like it! Maybe the UN could come up with an entire Bravo Network-inspired resolution strategy?

Rebel Deb

Sara Fraser said...

Love. This.