Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Celeb Rebel Deb: Celeb Gossip Websites???

So trashy celeb-stalking online media (a la and are not ALL bad.

Case in point?

Notoriously up-to-the-minute celebrity gossip website broke a HUGE story yesterday that has implications for us all.

Check out the headline:

Bailout Bank Blows Millions Partying in LA

Basically, after receiving over 1.6 BILLION in bailout funds, Northern Trust decided to use YOUR hard earned dollas to live large.

We're talking:

luxury hotels
sponsoring a PGA event
concerts by Chicago & Sheryl Crow
Tiffany gifts
fancy dinners


The public outrage has been so strong that the bank won't comment, and neither will the President.

Where is Congress in all of this?????

Thank goodness we have celebrity gossip online rags to make sure we get the real news.

Today, TMZ embodies the true spirit of Rebel Debs.



the Rebel Deb

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