Friday, February 20, 2009

It’s a Hard-Knock Life: WWSBD?

Have you felt the economic trembles (or earthquakes) that are affecting some people in these United States?

Whether you’re facing eating beans out of a can or still charging Jimmy Choos on Daddy’s AMEX, it’s never too early to learn a thing or two from Southern belles past and present on how to stay afloat in a crisis.

Lesson #1: Be resourceful.

Take a page from the Scarlett O’Hara play book. If you really, desperately need a gown for the prom or formal (or deb ball), then just make one from the drapes!

When you haven’t got anything to lose, somehow you’ll be so creative that new ideas for making it work will come to you.

Lesson #2: Be polite.

Using your charm is not only a great way to get a date (hey, free food!), but also just asking people to help you out can go a long way.

Need an oil change but don’t have $38.50 for Jiffy Lube?

Just ask your neighbor- he’d probably be more than happy to help. What about that pesky leaking faucet? Maybe your mail carrier knows a great plumber who doesn’t charge a fortune.

And how about a little touch up on those roots (come on, you’re not fooling anyone)? See if your hair stylist will barter babysitting for some bottle blond.

A polite little question can go a long way to pay day.

Lesson # 3: Do it yourself.

I know this is not always so popular, but think about the things that you normally have other people do. Here in NYC, it’s easy to have someone else do your laundry.

Each week, you just drop off a bag of the dirties and pick it up the next day clean and folded.

Nice, but not necessary.

Same goes for manicures and pedicures (actually, I’m WAY better at painting my toes than anyone else I pay to do it) and maybe even waxing (though for some areas do NOT try this at home).

The point is, maybe if you economize on some things, you won’t feel the pinch at the end of the month.

And if Daddy’s still paying, well, live it up girl, and treat your friends to a couple rounds of sweet tea.


Rebel Deb

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