Thursday, February 19, 2009

Celeb Rebel Deb- Ri Ri

There's no doubt about it: southern women are tough. Why else would they be called "Steel Magnolias?"

(If you're a Yankee interloper on this blog and have no idea what a steel magnolia is, well, first you gotta go get the movie. It's fantastic. Second, you need to go down South in the spring just to get a look at and take a whiff of a real live magnolia tree in bloom. It will all make sense.)

Ok, so basically, some Southern women are kinda used to weak men who need to knock around their women in order to feel more manly. Or whatever.

It ain't right, that's fer sher. But it does happen.

And it would seem that Rihanna has become another woman at the receiving end of this "weak man who can't control his temper and somehow thinks a beautiful girl's face ought to be a punching bag" angst.

Let's be clear about this: Abuse (of any kind) is NOT OK.

To start with, however, Chris Brown is from Tappahannock, VA. This town of 2000 where only half the people speak English and only half again of those can actually read is sortof a lost cause.

(I can say this, I used to live there.)

Anyway, small town country boy makes good in big, bad world of R&B and rap where JLo and P Diddy use guns in their fights.... you can kinda see where celebs think they're somehow immune from some common things like respect for the law, and other human beings.

Regardless of his nature vs. nurture, Chris Brown f-ed up. Big time.

Here's hoping Rihanna does NOT do what many battered women do: go back to their abusers.

Her aunt, Yvonne Fenty, said Rihanna is getting "her life back on track."

Let's hope that means without Chris Brown.



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