Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Never let your comfort foods talk back. Slap that betch!

Growing up, my mama served us cake for breakfast on our birthdays. German chocolate, carrot cake, white cake with chocolate fudge icing. Whatever our little hearts desired.

Instead of a healthy, wholesome breakfast, we got to eat cake in bed. For her, that was the equivalent of keying the car of her most hated teacher or something. And hey, housewives need to get their thrills too.

So I let her have that (sugar) rush. Of course, she tempered all that white flour and real butter with a glassful of milk and our morning Flinstones multi-vitamin.

That's right. It's like using a condom AND birth control pills for your one-night stand. Fun, frothy, and only happens once a year- I'm talking about eating cake for breakfast on your birthday, betches- but might as well swallow the Flinstones with it!


Rebel Deb

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