Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Beware the "Fake Girl"

There's always that one girl. Or, truly, many of them, that make me want to cringe and cry and crawl out of my skin.

And why?

Because they are undeniably, categorically FAKE.

Tonight, for instance, as I was coming out of NYU, this girl -- I'll call her, appropriately, "FG" (Fake Girl), comes up to me on the street and starts randomly asking me all sorts of polite, "friendly" questions: How are you, Anna? How've you been? I think your outline for that Grey's script is getting SOOOO much stronger!"

Meanwhile, she's been completely rude to me in every single notes session I've ever had, written mean, derrogatory things all over my scripts, and even when I tried to make peace (though I'm not exactly sure why she hates my guts) by sending her a conciliatory Facebook friend request, she denied it... twice.

Clearly, FG hates me. She's made this obvious for over a year now.

And why? I'm no so sure. My only guess is that, since she's one of those chubby brunettes from the South who grew up hating her home state, and all the blonde, blue-eyed cheerleader-types in it, she now hates me simply because I, too, am blonde, blue-eyed and Southern. Except I wasn't a cheerleader. Far from it, in fact. Yet, I'm now being the subject of fat-assed FG's rage.


When she started insisting on how much she now "loves" my work, and then tried to give me a HUG (of all things) at the end of our bizarro conversation... most of which involved her bullshit apologies for her bad attitude and my completely shocked responses, "Oh, well, okay, um... thanks for apologizing?"... I left the whole thing wanting to take a shower as soon as I got home.

Ugh. Why can't people just be honest with each other?

What I REALLY wanted to say was, "Thanks for whatever you're trying to say, I guess, but honestly, I don't believe you're really all that sorry for being an asshole to me. I mean, if you were me, would you believe yourself? Really? I don't think so. So, yeah, could you please stop wasting both of our time and just, ya know, go away and stop tormenting me with pettiness? Yeah. Thanks a bunch."

Moral of the story: FG's suck. And it sucks when you're so shocked by their random attempts at "sincerity" that you can't think of a witty response until a full five minutes AFTER they've slunk back under the rocks from wence they came!


Rebel Deb

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