Saturday, March 7, 2009

Doggies Say the Darndest Things

I haz a puppy. His named is Jackson Smith. My boyfriend and I call him "Jax," for short.

Jax is about 1.5 years old, fully black, with a wet, healthy nose, big, floppy paws...

And a HUGE appetite. No joke, our little man weighs about 75 lbs!

This is mostly my fault, I think. I'm an indulgent doggie-mommy. I over-treat. He looks at me? I give him a Milkbone. He whines cause he's bored? I share my chicken cutlet.

Every time, his eyes say the same thing...

"Mom, you're totally boring. And you're making me fat. The other dogs laugh at me, the fat kid, whenever we go to the park."

Plus, I'm writing full-time, so I spend most days locked behind my desk. As a result, Jax, needless to say, gets restless and starts chewing things up out of boredom. When this gets old, he eats to entertain himself. And since we live in the East Village of Manhattan, we don't exactly have backyard he can play in. As a trade-off, I take breaks from working to cuddle with him on the couch, and I often send him to play at Happy Paws, the local doggie center, for a few hours each week, and Justin and I take him to the dog park at Tompkins Sqaure most nights...

But this just isn't enough exercise to counter-balance his huge puppy hunger.

If only my gym had doggie treadmills! Then we'd BOTH get a well-needed workout.

Am I a selfish, overly indulgent pet-owner, or do we just need to move to suburbs and get a yard? Only time will tell.


Rebel Deb

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