Friday, March 6, 2009

Thanks for Coming, Betches!

Hey Ya'll!

Thanks so much for attending my latest Rebel Deb events -- both this past January at the LaMaMa Theatre and last night at PINK in Richmond! I SO appreciate your support!

Please contact me any time re: Rebel Debutante shows, merchandise, new up-and-coming clothing and gifts, book signings, or to join the Rebel Debutantes Facebook group.

Also, via the links below, you can check out my blog and sign up for my bi-weekly Rebel Deb Diary with updates on all upcoming readings, coupons off all merchandise, and a link to pre-order a SIGNED COPY of my book!

In the meantime -- would love to see you at another Rebel Deb event:

Thursday March 26- Sandpiper, Atlanta GA
Pre-release reading
6 pm

Thursday April 2- Gwynn's, Mt. Pleasant SC
Pre-release reading with Skirt! Magazine
6 pm

Friday April 3- Coffee to a Tea, Greenville SC
Pre-release reading
6 pm

And until then:

Stay Rebel, stay Deb -- but always stay true to yourself!



the Original Rebel Debutante

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