Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yay for Tuscon :)

Hey, ya'll! Just got another review in from Tuscon, AZ:

Read the whole article here... or just keep scrolling down for the juicy bits. :)

Confessions of a Rebel Debutante:
A Memoir by Anna Fields

I haven’t found much amusing about debutants since the days of Brenda Frazier. (Brenda who? Google it.)
Anna Fields is as Southern as corn bread and grits and probably would have made a terrific debutante if she hadn’t been such a rebel. She grew up in North Carolina but was more at home hanging upside down from a dogwood tree than learning to curtsy and the finer points of Southern high society.
While trying to learn the basics by wearing talcum powder in her hair to “keep the curl,” wearing kid gloves, and dancing with middle school boys in their big brothers’ tuxes, she realized quite quickly that becoming a deb simply wasn’t in her DNA. After rebelling at her private all-girls finishing school, she enrolled at Brown University which was followed by a disastrous short-lived acting career in L.A.
This is a laugh-out-loud memoir that is as comforting and refreshing as a frosty glass of sweet tea — the table wine of the South — consumed on a shady porch during a hot summer day.

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