Friday, July 30, 2010

This Week's Celeb Rebel Deb: BioDiesel Guy

... for reminding us all that investing in cleaner, 21st-century energies instead of clinging to destructive 20th-century greed will help us to:

1) End our reliance upon foreign oil, and with it our

2) Collective funding of potential terrorist/extremist groups; thereby,

3) Reducing the proportion of our tax dollars reserved for federal acts of wars, and -- oh YEAH! I almost forgot...

4) Save our planet from certain destruction and ALL OF US -- Democrats and Republicans -- from DEATH.

Because, really, who cares about keeping party lines when we have no fresh water left to drink and no clean air left to breathe? Apparently no one. At least, no one in Congress or any commentators on FOX news.

And now back to what Americans really care about: Lindsey Lohan's obvious alcoholism...

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KO said...

Please see the Energy Justice Network on biodiesel