Friday, April 16, 2010

The Biatch is Back! At Least, for Tonight...

Last night at Lincoln Center was great! Excellent turnout, a welcoming crowd and tons of laughs (mostly at my expense, which I'm totally cool with!)... and tonight? I'm back in Winston-Salem, the town that (kinda) started it all. Where I went to boarding school. Where I gotted "kicked out" (basically just not invited) of debbing. Where I got my first hickey... oh, wait? Was that a teensy bit TMI? Oh, well. Guess you'll have to read the rest in my book. So come on down and getcha a signed copy!

When: TONIGHT! Friday, April 16th @7pm
Where: Barnes & Noble Booksellers Winston Salem
Stones Throw Plaza
1925 Hampton Inn Court, Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 774-0800


bermudaonion said...

You need to come back to Greenville - I've got a flip video camera now and we could make a video!

Anna Fields said...

I would love that! Do you think there's a women's group/book club/store/community center/etc that would like to host me for a speaking engagement? I can have my publicists get in touch. :)

Rebel Deb