Monday, October 19, 2009

The Hunt for the Perfect Halloween Costume Begins... NOW

I haven't dressed up for Halloween in quite a while:

So, yeah. I'm thinking I may need a new costume.

So far, it's between...

1) Slutty nurse

2) Slutty maid

3) Slutty cheerleader (are we seeing a pattern emerge?)

4) Joel McHale from "The Soup"

5) Jodie Foster. (I get a lot of "you look just like her"'s! Being compared to an uber talented, yet 50-something, hardcore lesbian isn't exactly great for my love life. But I can't seem to beat them, so I might as well join them. And Halloween may just be the perfect time to become a total conformist.)

6) Slutty "Grey's Anatomy" character (but which one?? There's sooo many.), or...

7) Slutty reality TV star. (Aka "Heather" from Rock of Love, John Gosselin and/or anyone from "The Real World" Las Vegas)

The hunt continues!


Rebel Deb


bermudaonion said...

Is that cutie on the steps you as a baby? You can't go wrong being slutty for Halloween!

Anna Fields said...

Indeed it IS me! I still look exactly the same, every time I dress up in a bunny costume. :) Hmmm... maybe I can be a slutty bunny?

Rebel Deb

La Feroce Bete said...

A slutty nun. Or a cowgirl who's slutty. Everyone loves a slutty cowgirl.

Anna Fields said...

Maybe that's why even they get the blues? Hmmm.... yeah... I like it. :)


Rebel Deb