Monday, July 27, 2009

Introducing My New Baby, Butters!

As I get older, my maternal instincts get stronger and stronger... and while I'm NOT ready for a human baby in my life, I'm more than ready to bring on the kitties!

Introducing my newest human-baby-replacement, Butters:

She's a stinky kitty, my Butters. Her daily bath consists of a few licks from her mother's mouth and perhaps a quick, accidental dunk into her watering bowl.

When first we met, she was an outdoorsy kinda gal. When I picked her up -- all 20ounces of her -- she clawed at me, tried to run away. She was an adventurer, an explorer. She dared to steal steak bits from the food bowls of other neighborhood cats -- was brave enough even to test the wild dangers of the outside world and travel all the way to the edge of my bedspred before looking over and taking a PLUNGE into the unknown!

But now, she's relaxed her devil-may-care ways. She's become my tame, indoorsy, snuggle-buggle Butters, sleeping happily in my arms and eating her catfood from a spoon.

Ahhhh, motherhood. Tis a wondrous thing.

... And the best part is: She'll never ask to borrow the car.


Rebel Deb

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