Friday, August 6, 2010

The Rebel Deb's Response to the Question I'm Asked the Most: "Why Do We Even Need Feminism Anymore?"

Heard any of these excuses for why women are still raped/abused/tortured/
repressed/oppressed/objectified before? I have. And, unfortunately, mostly
from women themselves.

Does that answer your question?

Rebel Deb


J.R. LeMar said...

I remember reading some theory years ago about woman re: rape victims. It said that some women tend to be harsher in judgment, because of a psychological need to protect themselves. They don't want to acknowledge the fact that this could happen to them too, so they put the blame on the woman, as a defense for themselves.

"Well, *I* would never do that/say that/dress like that/go there/etc. like *she* did."

And that way they feel less vulnerable.

Anna Fields said...

Exactly! Some woman are such victims of sexist patriarchy, and believe so intrinsically that men are superior to them, that they'll lay blame on other women for almost anything!

E.G.: "Your husband cheated because you weren't (insert activity here) enough for him."

"Your husband left you because he wasn't happy at home/you weren't a good wife and/or mother."

"You were raped because you did (whatever). I would NEVER do (whatever), and thus, I'll never get raped! .... Right? Please?"

It's so hypocritical that's it's almost comical. Almost. If by comedy I mean, "makes me laugh till I cry."