Monday, June 28, 2010

Heavy Rebel Weekender! July 4th Weekend SALE!

Hey, errybody!

The Rebel Deb will be manning a booth at this weekend's Heavy Rebel Weekender -- a kick-ass music and art festival happening this Friday, July 2nd - Sunday, July 4th at the Millennium Center in downtown Winston-Salem.

I'll be there from noon till 1am all weekend long, selling cool NEW Rebel Deb t-shirts, shorts, books (both hardcover and paperback) and women's lingerie! I'll also be posting all my new merchandise on the Rebel Deb shop starting this THURSDAY.

And guess what?! Ya'll get a discount just for reading/commenting/following my blog! Just print the coupon (pictured above), come by my booth and get 20% off your choice of any Rebel Deb books or clothing!

So come over to the MC and check me out! I love meeting and greeting new Rebel Debs of any age, shape or size. Give me a holler, ya'll :)

Rebel Deb

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