Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy 25th Anniversary, Dollywood!

Let's all celebrate Dolly's Woods and their emergent quarter-life crisis by retelling one of my favorite blonde jokes...

A college student goes back to her dorm and says to her blonde roommate, “I slept with a Brazilian man last night.” Her roommate replies, “OMG, you slut! How many is a Brazilian??”

And by the way, my old U.S. History teacher went to high school with Dolly and says her "dollies" are completely real... the debate continues!

Rebel Deb


bermudaonion said...

Real or not, I love Dolly, even though I don't like her music.

Anna Fields said...

Ditto! She's awesome. Totally agreed! And I'm not a fan of most country music. :)

Rebel Deb