Sunday, August 23, 2009

What Shall I Name My Pussies?

I've recently adopted to new kittens from the pound...

And I'm now searching for names. I've always been a "dog person," you know? Someone who enjoys the friendly, interactive, clingy nature of puppies. Someone who loves having a mute, stick-chewing, ball-catching buddy around. But since my new apartment doesn't allow dogs, I had to settled for cats... and I must say, these two are turning out to be my new best friends.

But what to call them? My list so far:

1) Butters and Princess Vespa (from "South Park" and "Spaceballs," of course)
2) Bubbles and Spot
3) Hairy and Snatch
4) Lord Takealeak and Lady Grabbermuffin
5) Karl and Marx
6) Siegfried and Roy, or...
7) Criss Angel and Mindfreak

What to choose? What to choooooose?


Rebel Deb

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